Charlotte Robinson's
Personal Background

Charlotte Robinson's Education and Work History

Charlotte earned a BA and an MA in High School Education, concentrating on Social Studies. With these degrees, she taught for one year, during which she taught 10th grade history and 9th grade remedial writing. She quit teaching when she became pregnant with her first child.

After her kids went off to elementary school, Charlotte became more involved at her church. This led her to attend seminary. It took her four years as a commuter student to complete her degree.

Rev. Charlotte Robinson's first call was a position in a church in suburban San Jose, which could only afford to hire her part-time. She spent two years there, commuting 20 miles each way. It was a lonely experience for her, since her family hadn't moved to the parish. In fact, the position was viewed by everyone (including Charlotte, her family, and the church) as a short-term situation which had lasted longer than anyone expected.

Members of the First Church of Almond Springs interviewed Charlotte in May, and hired her a short time later. Charlotte was struck during the interview by two things: the interviewers' feeling of enthusiastic relief and their honesty. They told her they did not expect to hire a woman, but had surprised themselves by their excitement for her as a candidate. They had interviewed two men in addition to Charlotte and had unanimously chosen her.

Charlotte moved to Almond Springs a few months later, in July. Her family planned to move at the end of the summer, so she arrived alone.

Charlotte Robinson's Family

Len Robinson is an accountant, who is staying at his old job until mid-August to close out the fiscal year. He has another job waiting for him in Fresno, starting September 1st. Len did not mind moving to Almond Springs, but did not like having to find a new job.

Len Robinson is naturally reserved, perhaps even a little passive. He's also quite athletic. He's served as assistant coach on all the local high school's athletic teams. However, he has never been head coach.

Daniel Robinson (age 15) will be a sophomore in high school in the fall. Daniel plays football (wide receiver/cornerback), basketball (six-foot guard), and baseball (pitcher/shortstop).
His personality is more like his mother's than his dad's. The teenager is gregarious and a natural leader. Charlotte worries about his social habits, fearing that he is just too social to focus on his studies.

Ann Robinson (age 12) will be in seventh grade in September. She will be changing from a K-6 elementary school to a 6-8 middle school
Pretty but shy (tall; long straight hair)
Loves to play piano at home; does not want to play in public
Warmed to the idea of moving to Almond Springs when she heard that many people have horses.

Carol & Lewis Queen
Just retired to a lake about five hours north of Almond Springs
Kids are spending the first two weeks of July with the grandparents at the new lake house. Their grandparents have also offered to take the kids the first two weeks of August.