Almond Springs Case Study Timeline

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Background Episode A: Charlotte's First Sunday
Background Episode B: Shared Vision
  September Episode 1: The Housing Development

Episode 3: The Hymns Conflict

Episode 4: Vic Vargo Dies
Episode 5: The Worker Bees
    Episode 7: Personnel Matters
    Episode 9: Public Women
Episode 10: The Dolman Dinner
Episode 11: Wearing Hats
Episode 12: <Worker Bees II>
Episode 13: Public Debate
  January Episode 14: Sparring Partners
Episode 15: Jan's Announcement
Episode 17: The Town Meeting
Episode 18: Old Man Rivers
Episode 19: Laura's Story
Episode 20: Hazel's Wedding
Episode 21: Sin & Forgiveness
    Episode 22: Ash Wednesday



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